• Member Mentions

    What members are saying about the FMA

    "I wanted to join an organization that was well respected, professional and served as a representative advocate for its members. I found that in the FMA. As health care is perennially one of the most critical issues facing our state and the nation, we need an organization with stature and poise, one that has been immensely successful in helping doctors practice medicine. That is the essence of the FMA." — Joshua D. Lenchus, D.O.

    "They're always on the front lines fighting for us. I know that there's somebody out there who's looking out for our best interests." — Christie Alexander, M.D.

    "The FMA's successes have made Florida a better place to practice medicine and have translated to thousands of dollars in savings/earnings for each of Florida's physicians. The FMA's strength in numbers also allows it to advocate effectively for our vulnerable Medicare and Medicaid patients. I feel great satisfaction knowing I make a difference for my profession and my patients through my FMA membership." — Jose D. Jimenez, M.D.

    "Young physicians need to join together within groups such as the FMA to make sure our voice is heard and that someone is speaking up for the physician-patient relationship."
    Christopher Burton, M.D.

    The Florida Medical Association allows member physicians to play an active role in shaping the future of medical practice in Florida, and it gives them access to expert advice, support and resources you won't find anywhere else. When you become a member, you will be able to tap into the benefits that help our 20,000-plus members practice medicine every day.

    "...because if you want to make a difference in your profession and your patient community, being a physician is not enough, you must be engaged and go down the road of health care policy with the FMA as your vehicle. Join the FMA - as your profession's future depends on it."