FMA Staff

Tim Stapleton
Chief Executive Officer

Matt Crowley
Chief Operating Officer

Kristy Jones
Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Scott
General Counsel

Chris Clark
Senior VP of Public Affairs

Sarah Hickman
VP of Political Affairs

Melissa Carter
Senior VP of Education and Membership

Jarrod Fowler
Director of Health Care Policy and Innovation

Lauren Byrd
Senior VP of Communications and Strategic Partnerships

Shari Hickey
Director of Legislative Operations

Mary Thomas
Assistant General Counsel

Cortney Jones
Business Development Manager

Trent Batchelor
Member Relations Manager

Adam Baust
Deputy Director of Operations

Thom Blanton
Director of New Media

Angelique Bowman
Deputy Director of Information Technology

Jessica Cameron Foote
Accounting Assistant

Eric Carr
FMA PAC Coordinator

Cheryl Feltman
Brand and Production Manager

Drew Heffley
Legislative Assistant

Janis Indindoli
Legal Specialist and Legal Assistant

Brittany Jackson
Governance and Executive Operations Coordinator

Fran Jamross
Education and Joint Providership Coordinator

Erika Peterman
Managing Editor of FMA Publications

Michael Price
Staff Accountant

Chandra Prine
Membership Coordinator

Cindy Thornton
Director of Human Resources & Accounting Specialist

Nancy Wisham
Education Coordinator