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Reimbursement Delayed? Billing Question? Insurance Denial? Coding Issue? Do you need help cracking the code? 

Medical coding by a healthcare professional

Coding Assistance

The FMA provides you and your staff with practice management information regarding coding. If you questions about the ever-changing codes, call the FMA for assistance at (800) 762-0233.

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The FMA's reimbursement specialist stands ready to intervene on your behalf when a claim is delayed or denied by:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Insurance Companies
  • Managed Care Organizations

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    In-house Experts

    When a member dermatology practice was faced with an overpayment issue, the FMA intervened and saved the practice more than $300,000. 

    The FMA is here to help.

    If you are wrestling with complex payment issues that threaten the financial well-being of your practice, our in-house experts will provide direct assistance and intervention with insurance companies.

    Call the FMA for reimbursement assistance at (800) 762-0233.