Call for FMA reference committee nominations
FMA Staff Report | Mar. 23, 2023

County and specialty medical societies are invited to nominate eligible physicians  to serve on the FMA’s reference committees . The deadline for nominations is Friday, May 12.

Each reference committee is composed of at least five voting members of the FMA House of Delegates (HOD) who are not current FMA officers or members of the Board of Governors. Committee members are selected by the FMA Speaker and Vice Speaker to conduct open hearings on proposed resolutions before they are presented to the full HOD at Annual Meeting.

Once a reference committee has received direct feedback on the resolutions being considered, the committee members deliberate privately to make a group decision about each resolution before presenting their recommendations in a detailed report to the HOD. A resolution that passes the House and is adopted by the Board of Governors becomes FMA policy.

Online testimony will be open to delegates on Monday, June 26, at 9 a.m. (EDT) and closed on Friday, July 7, at 9 p.m. Delegates may submit testimony on any properly filed resolution. Delegates who choose to submit testimony must indicate their support or opposition of each respective resolution.

Reference Committees will meet in executive session during the week of July 10-14 to create their reports. The reports will be published online prior to the start of the FMA Annual Meeting. Delegates will have the opportunity to debate the committees’ recommendations during in-person Reference Committee hearings on July 29.