A message from President Jason M. Goldman, MD, FACP
Oct. 13, 2023

Dear Members of the Florida Medical Association,

As physicians, we take a sacred oath to do no harm, ease suffering and heal those in need. The horrific and inconceivable events transpiring in the Middle East, the senseless brutality and loss of innocent lives, are not only devastating, but wholly antithetical to our values and an affront to our basic humanity. On behalf of the Florida Medical Association, I want to take this opportunity to clearly and unequivocally denounce, in the strongest possible terms, the abhorrent and purely evil terroristic crusade and the violence being committed in the Middle East.

With countless patients coming in and out of our exam and operating rooms every day, I know each of us has a deep, yet unique understanding of the value of human life. We are intimately familiar with the fact that every single person is unique and important to another human being; a parent, a child, a sibling, a friend. The loss of so many thousands of lives in this conflict weighs so heavily upon our hearts as we empathize and mourn with those directly suffering as we are all members of an extended family, united by a universal chain of human affection.

We also grieve for our colleagues on the front lines, working tirelessly and in unimaginable conditions to heal those injured and suffering in this humanitarian crisis. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the physicians, colleagues and their families trying to persevere through this horrific circumstance. At times, thoughts and prayers are not enough and I recognize that many of us may feel helpless yet are driven by a calling to serve. I have found several options to volunteer for those who are so inclined to do so:

  • The Israeli Health Ministry is compiling a database of willing medical volunteers to help expedite emergency licensing if/when the need arises. If you are interested, please click here to complete the survey.

  • While also still in the planning stages, the Sheba/Tel Hashomer hospital near Tel Aviv is discussing the logistics of “team staffing” and how they may begin rotating groups of surgical specialties and anesthesiologists in and out. If you are interested, please login to your WhichDocs.com account (or create one for free), update your contact information and specialties, and then click on the insurance option created solely for this purpose – “Israeli Medical Volunteer Project.”

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or members of the FMA staff with any additional resources, suggestions, or views.

The Florida Medical Association hopes for a swift end to the hostilities and will continue to keep the people of Israel in our prayers through these dark times.


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Jason M. Goldman, MD, FACP
Jason M. Goldman, MD, FACP
FMA President 2023-2024