Learn the basics. The Health IT Playbook from the Office of the National Coordinator for HIT provides detailed guidance on how to select, implement and use certified health information technology.

In the market for an electronic health record? Access the AMA StepsForward™ EHR Software Selection & Purchase module. This free module contains information and tools to assist physicians with selecting the right EHR.

Integrating an electronic health record into your practice? Access the AMA StepsForward™ EHR Implementation module. This free module contains information and tools designed to assist with implementing EHR technology.

Trying to improve your EHR workflow? Access the AMA StepsForward™ Team Documentation module, designed to help staff assist with EHR documentation and the EHR In-Basket module, which gives guidance on how to effectively manage EHR communications.

Fight burnout. The FMA Physician Wellness Resource Center is a clearinghouse of information about not only coping with burnout, but also preventive solutions and how to find assistance if you are struggling.

Need personal assistance? The issues and regulations surrounding EHR and HIT are often complex. Fortunately, the FMA is here to help. For assistance, please call us at 850-224-6496, or e-mail us at membership@flmedical.org.

Avoid risks. Stay informed on technology-related liability issues with information from The Doctors Company.

Access Florida HIE resources. Learn more about the Florida Health Information Exchange (HIE).

Navigate MACRA. EHRs play a significant role in the new Medicare payment system. Access valuable information at our MACRA Resource Center.

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The issues, laws and regulations surrounding electronic health records and health information technology are complex. Fortunately, the FMA legal and medical economics teams are ready to assist you. To learn more about how the FMA can help, please contact us at 850-224-6496.  You can also reach us at membership@flmedical.org.
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