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The FMA's Medical Student Section provides Florida medical school students with opportunities to get involved in organized medicine and advocate for their chosen profession. It is open to students who are enrolled in any accredited school of medicine in Florida.

MSS Leadership

Chair – Jessica Walsh O’Sullivan
Vice Chair of Recruitment – Daniela Reyes Capo
Vice Chair of Legislation – Michael Dangl
Secretary – Alixandra Garic
Treasurer – Kevin Tayon
Parliamentarian – Amanda Vakos
Community Service – Charlotte George
Exec at Large – Christopher Lawton
FMA PAC – A.J. Rhodes
Immediate Past Chair – Lauren Jeck
FMA BOG Representative – Mat Bowers

Health Policy Fellowship Initiative

HPFI is an organization dedicated to education in healthcare policy and advocacy. It is their mission to provide their Fellows with the real-world experiences that define the landscape of health policy today.

One of the mainstays of their organization is providing health policy fellowships for medical students to not only gain a theoretical understanding of policy but also experience real world healthcare advocacy and reform. They provide educational, mentorship, and networking opportunities to create an unmatched fellowship experience.

Florida International University Chapter

Co-President, FMA Delegate: Peter D'Amore
Co-President, FMA GC Representative: Adam Tagliero
Recruitment Chair: Muhammad Noor

Florida State University Chapter

President, FMA Delegate, FMA GC Representative: Avi Assidon
Vice President: Mike Warren
Treasurer: Staci Beigner
Secretary: Kaitlin Nicholson
AMA Delegate - Tallahassee: Sarah-Ashley Robbins
AMA Delegate - Orlando: James Zorn
AMA Delegate - Daytona: Jason Miles
AMA Delegate - Sarasota: John Dudley
AMA Delegate - Ft. Peirce: Syeda Muzaffa

University of Central Florida Chapter

President: Rahim Ismail
Vice President: Hailee Stewart
Secretary: Molly Williams
AMA Delegate: Michael Metzner
FMA Delegate, FMA GC Representative: Chris Jacobs

University of Florida Chapter

Chair: Hunter Pattison
Vice President of Recruitment and Programming: Alex Pedicone
Vice President of Community Service: Christina Turn
Treasurer: Ricky (Ritesh) Patel
Secretary: Jason Schneider
AMA/FMA Delegate: Joe Sofia
FMA GC Representative: Jacob Burns

University of Miami Chapter

President: Michelle Falcone
Vice President: Anna Bona
Treasurer: Naureen Farook
Secretary: Adam Aldahan
FMA Delegate: Joe Bennett
AMA Delegate: Hannah Palin
FMA GC Representative: Jenna Bordelon
DCMA Representative: Jerome Siegmeister
FMA PAC Member: Jose Mora
Recruitment Chair: Eric Weiss
Community Service Chair: Jeremy Bary
Education Clinic Leader: Amanda Pechman
Education Clinic Leader: Nicole Lanza

University of South Florida Chapter

Chair, FMA GC Representative: Lauren Terpak
Vice Chair: Chris Tufts
Treasurer: Bo Zhang
FMA Delegate: Neil Manimala
AMA Chair: Buğra Tügertimur
AMA Vice Chair: Nassier Harfouch
AMA Community Service: Yashoba Ranaweera
AMA Treasurer: Jennifer Shields
AMA Recruitment: Brittany Gozlan
AMA Social/Media: Nora Vera
AMA Secretary: Deepika Kulkarni
AMA Delegate: Alex Podlaski
HCMA Delegate: Victoria Psomiadis

Florida Atlantic University Chapter

President: Jordan Smith
Vice President: Janelle Nassim
Secretary: Marisa Vinas
Treasurer: Dan Bryan
Recruitment Chair: Jauhleene Chamu
AMA/FMA Delegate: Brooke Thigpen
FMA GC Representative: Dan Adams

Nova Southeastern University Chapter

AMA President: Kitty Daniel
AMA Vice President: Rina Suzuki
FMA GC Representative: Michael Gonzalez
AMA Secretary: Maxwell Breitlinger
AMA Treasurer: Nick Makhija