George Guthrie, MD, Receives National Lifestyle Medicine Award
Special to the FMA from AdventHealth | Updated January 19, 2023 |

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) presented George Guthrie, MD with the 2022 President’s Award for his exceptional dedication to lifestyle medicine during the organization’s annual Lifestyle Medicine Conference.

A pioneer in the growing specialty of lifestyle medicine, Dr. Guthrie is a board-certified family medicine physician and a member of the family medicine team at AdventHealth’s academic practice in Winter Park. His special interest is in lifestyle management for those with Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity and coronary heart disease.

Additionally, he trains family medicine residents with an emphasis on lifestyle medicine and has been involved with the piloting and development of AdventHealth’s Complete Health Improvement Project (CHIP), the Wellspring Diabetes Program, and the CREATION Life program.

“The growth of lifestyle medicine research over the last 40 years and its acceptance by physicians is encouraging,” said Dr. Guthrie. “As clinicians become aware of the research and make it available for their patients, medicine is slowly changing for the better.”

For example, Dr. Guthrie said, the American Diabetes Association recently published a paper on what criteria satisfies the status of Type 2 diabetes in remissions.

He added that while the medical community has known since the early 1990s that heart disease is reversible, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services now pays for heart disease reversal programs like Ornish and Pritikan.

A founding member of ACLM, Dr. Guthrie previously served as secretary-treasurer and president. Under his leadership, the organization flourished, growing from a few hundred members to more than 9,000 members today with a now generous budget that allows for innovative special projects.

“Dr. Guthrie recognized the potential for evidence-based lifestyle medicine to treat chronic disease early on and has worked tirelessly to put lifestyle medicine at the center of all health and health care,” said ACLM Past President Cate Collings, MD. “His leadership of ACLM helped spark the transformation of what at the time was still a fledging medical professional society into the dynamic organization that it is today. We are grateful to Dr. Guthrie for his passion and service.”

“It was a pleasure to be honored along with Jack LaLane (now deceased and represented by his wife) and Dr. Kenneth Cooper for their work in lifestyle medicine,” said Dr. Guthrie. “I personally appreciate the support of AdventHealth through my years as a leader in this illustrious organization.”

Dr. Guthrie has authored several books, including “Eat Plants Feel Whole,” and its corresponding journal as well as cookbook of the same name,” Plant Powered Recipes to Help You Feel Whole.” He played an instrumental role in the development of the film “PlantWise.”
George Guthrie, MD
George Guthrie, MD
is a board-certified family medicine physician and a member of the family medicine team at AdventHealth’s academic practice in Winter Park.