Controlled Substance Prescribing in Florida

On March 19, 2018, Gov. Rick Scott signed bill HB 21 into law which includes a variety of measures to combat the opioid crisis in Florida. Among other things, the bill states that each person registered with the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and authorized to prescribe controlled substances shall complete a board-approved two-hour continuing education (CE) course on prescribing controlled substances. The Florida Medical Association (FMA) is authorized by HB 21 to provide this two-hour mandatory requirement for all authorized prescribers in Florida, including physicians (MD and DO), dentists, podiatrists, and optometrists. PAs and ARNPs were exempted from this 2-hour requirement because these two professions already had a 3-hour mandatory requirement on the safe and effective prescribing of controlled substances. The FMA offers this course as well.

All CME credit earned will be reported to CE Broker. HB 21 requires prescribers to complete this course for the first time no later than January 31, 2019 and then for each subsequent renewal thereafter.

Controlled Substance Prescribing

Controlled Substance Prescribing for MD/DO PHYSICIANS

Controlled Substance Prescribing for DENTISTS

Controlled Substance Prescribing for OPTOMETRISTS

Controlled Substance Prescribing for PODIATRISTS

Safe & Effective Prescribing of Controlled Substances for PAs and ARNPs

To learn more about the crisis in Florida and how you can help, visit the FMA Opioid Resource Center.