The 1000+ Club was created as a vehicle to further assist pro-medicine candidates in their quest for elected office. The 1000+ Club is the highest level of involvement within the FMA PAC. The 1000+ Club provides additional funding to pro-medicine candidates who are in very close and contentious races when they need it the most.

In the 2016 and 2014 elections, the 1000 Club made a difference in several highly contested races in the Florida Legislature. 100% of the races where the 1000 Club was involved, WON. 

The 1000+ Club offers YOU the chance to make a huge difference in your profession by donating even more than ever before. The 1000+ Club offers four different membership levels:

  • $1,000 Club
  • $2,500 Club
  • $5,000 Club
  • $10,000 Club

Each level of commitment comes with new exciting perks especially for YOU. From recognition at FMA meetings, the private 1000+ Club Reception at Annual Meeting where you can speak with the keynote speaker (past speakers include Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Jeb Bush, Governor Mitt Romney, Governor Rick Scott, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, Speaker Will Weatherford and former Senate President Don Gaetz), complimentary Good Government Luncheon tickets and reserved seating and much more, you will be recognized for joining your colleagues in this elite club. By signing up at the levels listed above, you are agreeing to donate the amount you sign on for over the course of the 2 year election cycle. $1000 Club members still pledge contributions totaling $1,000 during 2015-2016, whereas $2,500 members agree to contributions totaling $2,500 and so on. You can choose to pay monthly installments for any contribution level you select.

Please join us today in the 1000+ Club for 2017-2018 and help the FMA PAC grow stronger than ever.

1000+ Club Application

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, Florida Keynoted addressed the 2016 Good Gov’t lunch in front of a sold out physician crowd.

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, Mrs. Karen Pittman, & FMA PAC Immediate Past President Chris Pittman, M.D.

Senator Bill Galvano addresses the 2015 Good Government Luncheon.