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The 1000+ Club was created to further assist pro-medicine candidates in their campaigns for elected office.

The 1000+ Club is the highest level of involvement within the FMA PAC. The 1000+ Club provides additional funding to pro-medicine candidates who are in very close and contentious races, and when they need it the most.

In 2018 and 2020, the 1000+ Club made a difference in several highly contested state legislative races. In 100% of the races in which the 1000+ Club was involved, Friends of Medicine won.

The 1000+ Club offers YOU the chance to make a huge difference for your profession. There are four membership levels, all of which can be paid monthly over the two-year election cycle:

  • $1,000 Club
  • $2,500 Club
  • $5,000 Club
  • $10,000 Club

Each level of commitment comes with exciting perks, such as special recognition at FMA meetings and in publications, VIP seating at the FMA PAC Good Government Lunch, access to the FMA PAC lounge at Annual Meeting, and private receptions with candidates.

By signing up at one of the levels listed above, you are agreeing to donate the amount you select over the course of the two-year election cycle. (For example, $1000 Club members pledge contributions totaling $1,000 during 2021-2022, whereas $2,500 members agree to contribute $2,500, and so on.) You can choose to pay monthly installments for any contribution level you select.

Please join us in the 1000+ Club today and make your FMA PAC stronger than ever.

1000+ Club Application