Become a judge


Image of a group of students being judged by a Poster Symposium judgeThe Florida Medical Association (FMA) issued a call for judges for the 2022 David A. Paulus, M.D Poster Symposium. We needed volunteer physicians who have an interest in medical research and clinical case presentation.

We assembled two teams of judges:

  • First team (ADVANCE JUDGING) evaluated the posters based on criteria relating to lay-out, content and significance (done via computer)

  • Second team (ON-SITE JUDGING) evaluated the poster based on criteria relating to the skills of the presenter and his/her ability to describe the project/case and answer questions (done on-site)


Scheduling Requirements:

  • ADVANCE JUDGING (via computer): must be able to complete their evaluation of assigned posters in advance of the in-person event, likely the week/weekend starting July 11
  • ON-SITE JUDGING: must be able to attend a brief training tutorial* about the digital judging system using iPads and the formal judging session on Saturday, Aug. 6 from 2-4 p.m.

* Several tutorial sessions will be held on Saturday, Aug. 6 between 8 a.m. and noon, and one at 1 p.m.