Recovery. Next steps.

In the wake of a hurricane, many physicians face the daunting task of rebuilding medical practices that were damaged or destroyed by catastrophic wind and flooding. The FMA launched this resource center to provide physicians with the support they need to navigate the road to recovery: essential tips from insurance experts, the latest state guidelines, pitfalls to avoid, and where to find further assistance.



An Expert's Take
The FMA and the Emerald Coast Medical Association have partnered to bring you the following video series to help you navigate the insurance process. Join insurance expert Trey Hutt, President of Panama City-based Hutt Insurance, as he explains the important steps for physicians to take — and red flags to be aware of — in the days immediately following a hurricane. Among the highlights:
Trey Hutt video 1
Beware of predators bearing clipboards
Learn the most important steps to take and pitfalls to avoid in the days immediately after a hurricane.
Trey Hutt video 2
Finances and avoiding scams
Hutt explains how to tackle emergency expenses, the importance of working with Florida-licensed contractors, and red flags to watch out for.
Trey Hutt video 3
Wind vs. flood
Most hurricanes have a combination of wind and flood elements, and those involve different insurance policies.
Trey Hutt video 4
Estimates and adjustors
Learn the basics of working with different types of adjustors and how to handle estimates.
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Webinar: Navigating the Insurance Process and Pitfalls in the Aftermath of a Hurricane
The FMA and the Emerald Coast Medical Association (ECMA) hosted an essential webinar covering best practices for navigating the post-hurricane recovery process. Trey Hutt, President of Panama City-based Hutt Insurance, provided invaluable guidance on topics including:

  • Flood vs. wind losses
  • The role of public adjusters
  • Documenting claims for proper payment
  • Getting your claim to the top of the pile

FMA and ECMA member Jon Ward, MD, Founder of Dermatology Specialists based in Panama City, and ECMA Executive Director Michelle Flaat also shared insights and lessons learned from Hurricane Michael, which caused catastrophic damage along Florida’s panhandle in 2018.

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