Physician Wellness

Burnout within medicine is taking an enormous toll on physicians nationwide. The FMA Physician Wellness Resource Center is a clearinghouse of information about not only coping with burnout, but also preventive solutions, work/life balance, and how to find assistance if you are struggling.

  • Articles from Florida Medical Magazine
  • CME providing evidence-based solutions for improving physician wellness
  • News about burnout and how healthcare organizations are responding
  • Listing of physician wellness experts/contacts
  • Other resources, including information from county medical societies

Florida Medical Magazine, Spring 2018:

Beyond ‘Self-Care’

It’s time to hold healthcare organizations accountable for physician wellness.

Florida Medical Magazine, Fall 2017:

Insufficient Funds

Physicians are suffering from depleted ‘energy accounts.’ What will it take to rebuild their reserve?

Florida Medical Magazine, Fall 2015:

Focusing on the Whole Physician

The FMA’s first spring conference put physician wellness in the spotlight