Delegate Information

About the FMA House of Delegates:


The FMA House of Delegates (House) is the legislative and business body of the FMA. Its members are the officers of the FMA, the elected members of the Board of Governors, and the delegates officially elected by the component societies, specialty societies, Specialty Society Section, Young Physicians Section, Medical Student Section, Resident & Fellow Section and the FMA Alliance. The House meets annually at a time and location determined by the FMA Board of Governors. It is the responsibility of the Speaker of the House to prepare the agenda and assure consideration and completion of its business.  The House will convene on July 31 from 8:00 am to 9:30 am and reconvene on August 1 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

The business of the formal sessions of House is established by a blend of tradition and requirements of the Association’s charter and bylaws, and includes:

  • Setting policy for the FMA by acting on recommendations from the Board of Governors and resolutions presented by component county medical societies, recognized specialty medical societies, special sections and delegates.
  • Hearing addresses and reports from the Treasurer, Speaker, and outgoing and incoming Presidents.
  • Presenting awards recognizing distinguished work by members of the FMA and others whom the FMA decides to honor.
  • Electing Officers, Board members and AMA Delegates.
  • The FMA Public Policy Compendium provides a listing of the FMA’s policy positions and directives adopted by the FMA House of Delegates and FMA Board of Governors.

FMA Staff Contact:  Angelique Bowman | Delegate Roster Submissions | (850) 224-6496
FMA Staff Contact: Brittany Jackson, MHA | Governance & Executive Operations Coordinator | (850) 224-6496