Federal HIT Resources

The ONC Health IT Playbook is designed to help providers:

  • Select and optimize technology for your practice (Section 1 and Section 2)
  • Share health information securely (Section 3)
  • Engage patients in their care (Section 5)
  • Use health IT solutions to address the opioid epidemic (Section 4)
  • Reconfigure payments to incentivize value (Section 6)
  • Ensure privacy and security of personal health information (Section 7)
  • Deliver quality care that protects patient safety (Section 8)
  • Identify health IT solutions that meet the needs of unique care settings and specialists (Section 9 and Section 11)
  • Align health IT with quality measures and reporting (Section 8 and Section 10)
  • Find technical support for transforming your practice (Section 12)

ONC Resource - EHR Contracts: Key Contract Terms for Users to Understand

Health IT DashBoard: Access facts and figures about Health IT and EHR utilization and adoption.


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