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Overview of the 2020 Bylaws Process

Amendments to the Bylaws of the Florida Medical Association are made by submitting the proposed amendment to the FMA Board of Governors. The Board submits the proposed amendment to the FMA Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Committee, which conducts a thorough analysis of the proposed amendment, and with the assistance of the FMA General Counsel crafts the appropriate language. The Committee submits a report to the Board of Governors that contains its recommendations regarding the proposed amendments and the rationale therefore. This report is sent to the FMA Executive Committee for review and comment. After Executive Committee review, the Board of Governors conducts a thorough discussion and debate on the proposed amendments, and votes on whether to submit the proposed amendments to the House of Delegates. Read the Board of Governors report to the HOD.

The proposed amendments approved by the Board of Governors are sent to Reference Committee II. Normally, the proposed amendments would be considered individually by the Reference Committee with the amendment sponsor being afforded the opportunity to address the Committee and explain the rationale for the amendment. FMA members would also have an opportunity to testify before the Committee and present arguments in favor of or opposition to the proposed amendment. Due to the change in format for this year’s Annual Meeting, delegates were afforded the opportunity to submit comments on each proposed amendment prior to consideration by the Reference Committee. Review public testimony comments that were submitted.   On July 20th, Reference Committee II held a webinar to consider the proposed bylaws amendments. After reviewing the comments submitted and discussing each proposed amendment, the Reference Committee issued its report.  It is important to note that neither the Reference Committee nor the House of Delegates may modify or substantially alter the proposed amendments, except for minor changes in grammar or phraseology. Delegates are to either vote in favor of adopting the proposed amendment, or not in favor of adopting the proposed amendment.

About the FMA House of Delegates 2020

The FMA House of Delegates (House) is the legislative and business body of the FMA. Its members are the officers of the FMA, the elected members of the Board of Governors, and the delegates officially elected by the component societies, specialty societies, Specialty Society Section, Young Physicians Section, Medical Student Section, Resident & Fellow Section and the FMA Alliance. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the House will conduct all Annual Meeting business online this year instead of meeting in person. It is the responsibility of the Speaker of the House to prepare the agenda and assure consideration and completion of its business.

The business of the 2020 House – established by a blend of tradition and requirements of the Association’s charter and bylaws – will include:

  • Reading and/or watching virtual addresses and reports from the Treasurer, Speaker, and outgoing and incoming Presidents.
  • Electing Officers, Board members and AMA Delegates.
  • The FMA Public Policy Compendium provides a listing of the FMA’s policy positions and directives adopted by the FMA House of Delegates and FMA Board of Governors.
  • FMA Staff Contact: Brittany Jackson, MHA | Governance & Policy Coordinator  | (850) 224-6496