Tips for Success

Suggested Format for Abstracts: Basic Research

Purpose: Why was this study/research performed?
Methods: How has this problem been studied?
Results: Principal data and statistical analysis?
Discussion: What is the interpretation of the data?
Conclusion: What is the relevance to practice or future research?
References: Provide up to three references if applicable.

Suggested Format for Abstracts: Clinical Case Report

Introduction: Explain the background of the case, including the disorder, usual presentation and progression, and an explanation of the presentation if it is a new disease. Case presentation: Includes all relevant details concerning the case.
Conclusion: State clearly what can be concluded from the case report, and give a clear explanation of the importance and relevance of the case.

Tips for Success.

  • Your poster should be a "visual overview" of your project or case.
  • It should be able to stand alone without any explanation or accompanying presentation.
  • Hone the available information, data, and graphics carefully so that everything included supports and contributes to the ability of your poster to convey an easy-to-grasp message.
  • Be sure added technology supports a quick visual overview of your project or case.
  • Judges want to see that you are able to artfully depict the scientific value of your project or case at a glance, rather than create a technological masterpiece that relies on embedded animations, videos, and pages of information.